Kandid Books

Kandid Books

These matted sleeve books are bound into a beautiful vinyl coated paper cover available in seven soft colors.
Match them with a sleeve of the same or different color and customize it by printing the names and dates in gold or silver foil.

  • Available in a single format: 20├Ś20
  • Printed on Fujifilm Photo Paper: Silk or Luster
  • Limited to 10 spreads (20 pages)
  • Cover: vinyl coated paper available in 7 colors
  • Lining matches the cover material
  • 8 Cover designs available in gold or silver foil (you can customizing them by changing names and dates)
  • Includes a sleeve available in 7 colors
  • Kandid Books
  • Kandid Books
  • Kandid Books

Tecnical Info

  • Sizes


  • Papers
    Photographic paper (Digital Paper Fujicolor Crystal Archive Type DPII)
    • Silk
    • Luster
  • Materials
    • Foil
      • Printed foil in gold / silver

      Debossing 001
      Debossing 002
      Debossing 003
      Debossing 004
      Debossing 005
      Debossing 006
      Debossing 008
      Debossing 001