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Koy Lab is known for its high quality services, the preservation of printed photography and the usage of high quality materials. These were designed for Professional, and recognised with FujiFilm certificate of quality.

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At Koy Lab we are passionate about printed photography, quality and colour. For all of this to happen, we can only use the highest quality and most reliable paper possible: Fujicolor Crystal Archive! This range of Fujifilm paper, exclusively designed for digital and professional printing, is a photographic paper with exceptional high definition, purity and colour longevity. We could only offer the best photographic paper to the best Photographers in the world!

Fujifilm -  Fujicolor Crystal Archive DPII

Silver halide color paper with a thicker base and high stiffness, designed exclusively for digital printing. This paper yields high-image-quality digital prints that make it suitable for such professional uses as portrait or commercial photography. It has the highest level of image stability, so it is ideal for display purposes. Designed for professional use:
▪ High maximum density for deep blacks
▪ Exceptional sharpness
▪ Pure whiteness
▪ Vibrant color reproduction
▪ Excellent image stability
▪ Improved latent image stability

Surfaces: Glossy, Lustre, Matte, Silk

Fujifilm -  Fujicolor Crystal Archive DPII Pearl

Silver halide color paper designed exclusively for digital output with a unique pearl-like, silvery iridescent appearance, thick base and high stiffness. The embedded pearl-like crystals give a high gloss effect reflectance, especially in the highlights. Pearl effect is visible because of scattering and interference of light waves at the crystals. High gloss combined with unique iridescent pearl like effect:
▪ High maximum density, deep blacks
▪ Thick paper base
▪ Exceptional sharpness
▪ Purer highlights
▪ Vibrant color reproduction
▪ Wide color gamut

Surfaces: Glossy


All original Fujifilm photographic papers include the tradicional silver halide emulsion tecnology. This gelatine integrated emulsion provides durability to all image layers, protecting them from chemical and atmospheric pollution, as well as physical wear.

The process: whenever the silver halide crystals are exposed, a latent image is created, through an RGB exposure system. The photographic paper is then submitted to a chemical process, by using a developing method and then fixed to create an image in the paper. During this process, cian, magenta and yellow colours are formed in three distinct layers.


Koy Lab uses original Fujifilm products. We use the following photographic papers: Silk, Lustre, Glossy and Pearl.
See paper comparison here.

Image by © André Boto

Disclaimer: the images presented above are a high resolution zoom and do not correspond to the original scale of the surfaces.