Album Pack

Commonly used for weddings but able to perfectly suit any other occasions, our Album Pack complements the main album with a carry case to transport it safely and in style, and comes with two parent albums to offer to close family members.

1 main album, 2 parent albums and 1 carry case or box

  • The main album and parent albums can be from any of our 5 album cover collections
  • The main album cover can be different from the Parent Albums
  • 4 different photographic paper options: Silk,Luster, Luster with UV varnish and Glossy with Velvet Finishing
  • The carry case can be replaced by on of our boxes (Presentation Box, Photo Box, Deluxe Box, Duochik Box or Kristal Box)
  • Album Pack
  • Album Pack
  • Album Pack

Technical Info

  • Covers
  • Sizes
    Main Album Parent Album
    25x35cm 10x14in 15x20cm 06x08in
    30x40cm 12x16in 15x20cm 06x08in
    35x40cm 14x16in 20x22cm 08x09in
    35x40cm 14x18in 19x25cm 08x10in
    Main Album Parent Album
    30x30cm 12x12in 20x20cm 08x08in
    35x35cm 14x14in 25x25cm 10x10in
    0x40cm 16x16in 25x25cm 10x10in
    Main Album Parent Album
    35x25cm 14x10in 25x15cm 10x06in
    40x30cm 16x12in 25x19cm 09x08in
    40x35cm 16x14in 22x19cm 09x08in
    45x35cm 18x14in 25x19cm 10x08in
  • Papers
    Photographic paper (Digital Paper Fujicolor Crystal Archive Type DPII)
    • Silk
    • Luster
    • Luster with UV varnish
    • Glossy with Velvet Finishing
  • Materials