Cojan van Toor

Cojan van Toor

Cojan van Toor


Cojan van Toor‘s core business is corporate, advertisement and publicity photography but besides this he also works in his studio with portraits and with events photography. His uniqueness replies on the fact that he can provides a creative result, always with a focus on the atmosphere, style and attention to details.

The signature in his photography is the use of light, the high level of finishing and a responsibility for delivering a high quality product for a greater level of customer experience and service for his clients.

Cojan is very experienced and is constantly innovating his business. He loves to share and connect with other colleagues around the globe. Although his studio is based in Oudewater, in central Netherlands, his work field is throughout the country and beyond.

His work has been medaled multiple times as a qualified multi award winning photographer both nationally and internationally.


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